What is DextronCoin

A New Kind of Money
DextronCoin is a virtual digital currency built on a private Blockchain Technology with a decentralized Wallet which enable users transfer in form of peer-peer without restrictions. DextronCoin is a utility and equity Coin built for the purpose of trading, gaming and solutions to data-base management. DextronCoin can be transferred within seconds to anytime with minimal or zero transaction charge. The total supply of DextronCoin is limited in supply; there will be a total of 30,000,000 DextronCoin in circulation. A total of 15,000,000 pre-mined DextronCoin will be sold out during the initial coin offering (ICO). The Initial coin offering (ICO) will present great opportunities for the investors to become our partners. The maximum purchase during the ICO will be capped at 1,000DTC per round and minimum purchase of 50DTC at initial price of $0.65/DTC. The first 1,000 members to purchase up to 1000DTC will be entitled to receive a Visa card for free. DextronCoin will provide investment opportunities for partners through Lending, Staking, Lottery, and Trading and Binary option. DextronCoin will provide a multiple users mobile mining pool for investors to mine DextronCoin electronically without fuss. DextronCoin website is encrypted data which provides adequate security to protect users data without third party interference. All other information(s) are available in the white paper and road-map by visiting https://dextroncoin.info.